The Fifty Two Hockey Story

Who We Are

We are Fifty Two Hockey, a British hockey brand. 


Here at Fifty Two our focus is on delivering top level design, coupled with innovative equipment, providing our players with the tools they need to maximise their performance.


Fifty Two equipment is designed for players by players. We tailor our designs to meet your needs.


Why Fifty Two?

Fifty Two Hockey believe in being different. From the design of our sticks to the ethos of our team, we push boundaries and strive to stand out from the crowd.

Our aim at Fifty Two Hockey is to make performance level equipment accessible to all. We believe that every player should have the top level equipment they need to improve their hockey further and maximise their performance 52 weeks of the year.

Our Sticks

We believe that we have created the best composite hockey stick 

on the market. 


Our sticks are designed intuitively from end cap to toe to provide the perfect hockey stick for you. 


All our sticks are a composite of 80% carbon; allowing an excellent strength to weight balance. 


Our Mid Bow stick is the perfect companion for our 

all-round players. Those who want to attack with force, and defend like a wall whilst covering the whole pitch.


Our Low Bow stick gives our 3D loving players an extension of their arm. The large, late bow provides superior power and control from aerials to drag flicks, whilst performing to the maximum through all aspects of the game.